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 Toilet Quest (1004 plays)
Rush into the stall find the toilet paper break glass and re...
 Juggler (7216 plays)
'Lots of levels, lots of variations, see how many balls your...
 Ant City (2594 plays)
Have fun but watch out for that lorry!
 Spaceman Bob (3126 plays)
'Help Bob, the spaceman captured by the aliens, to escape ou...
 Gauntlet (956 plays)
Move the wizard around and avoid being touched by the ghosts...
 Ping AI (1424 plays)
A nice remake of the classic Pong arcade game.
 Meta Ploy (1146 plays)
'You must hit the leaders and the followers as fast as possi...
 Fruity Basket (1124 plays)
Catch the falling fruits and avoid the worms!
Beat em up
 Dragon Fist 2 (7580 plays)
Chinese style fighting game.
 PC Breakdown (15449 plays)
Has your PC ever crashed just as you were about to save a cr...
 Bloody Rage (11608 plays)
Mortal Kombat style fighting game. It's a bloody rage!
 Towel Fighter (7207 plays)
'I have no idea who makes these game ideas, but this is a re...
 on line poker (514 plays)
One of the biggest card games categories played online today. (722 plays)
Looking to game on your mobile phone?
 Roulette (5844 plays)
Place your bet on the roulette
 Solitaire (4895 plays)
Solitaire with japanese anime card back
 Blackjack (3474 plays)
One of the most popular Casino games
 Blackjack (3583 plays)
This is a nice Blackjack games that allow playing upto 5 han...
Mario Games
 Play some cool Mario Games at Mario Mayhem (1527 plays)
If you are looking to play Super Mario Flash Games look no further than this awesome page!
 Steeplechase Challenge (935 plays)
Jump and whip at the corrct timing to beat the computer cont...
 Scorched (1596 plays)
Set angle distance and power and fire away your gun at the o...
 White Shirt Guy (1067 plays)
'This is an extremely different game in which you have to na...
 Mr Boomba Episode 1 (3219 plays)
'A short, funny animation featuring Mr. Boomba. Apparently, ...
 Flashman (984 plays)
Dogde the ghosts and collect the power pills in this classic...
 Locked Office (1427 plays)
'You're locked into your office at work, and you've got to e...
 DHC Allout (1192 plays)
Click the colors on the board and change them all to a diffe...
 PSSST (1024 plays)
Use your mecha to spray bugs with different cans and protect...
 Spy Hunter (3953 plays)
Rave down the highway in your equipped car blasting through ...
 Crazy Cats (4915 plays)
'Hooray! You've just won the lottery, but, when you were dri...
 Asteroids 2k3 (3190 plays)
New and improved asteroids game.
 Rocket Bike (2542 plays)
Race around the course with your choice of driver as you loo...
 Ultra Block (1415 plays)
'A very nice game, with the style of the famous java game Co...
 Cubik Rubik (1292 plays)
Put all the colors together.
 Thunder Plunder (1518 plays)
Borg has a viking liking for plundering. Help him on his mis...
 Halloween Mario (3714 plays)
'Another great Mario remake, this time a Halloween version! ...
 Boomerang Mayhem (3248 plays)
In this game you go around hitting kangaroos with boomerangs...
 V: Force (1913 plays)
V-Force is a simpel vertical shooter game
 Dragon Slayer (1105 plays)
Slay the dragons with your magic wand of power as you help t...
 Pokemon: The Revolution (1290 plays)
Attack the flying pokemon with your gun
 New Car Net Racer (1183 plays)
Control the car purely with mouse and cursor distance in thi...
 Alpine Skiing (1766 plays)
Ski downhill collecting stars and avoid being shot by angry ...
 Hot Shots (1342 plays)
shoot the basketballs into the moving basket before time run...
 The Big Hit (2563 plays)
'Deliver bone-crunching, big-hitting tackles to the oppositi...

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