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 Samurai Jack (935 plays)
Play as Samurai jack to infiltrate enemy base
 Santa Fighter (775 plays)
Santa fighting game
 Satama (768 plays)
Get Santa's gifts back from the evil people who stole them a...
 Save Ed! (1096 plays)
'Save Ed from the Haunted House! Avoid all the monsters such...
 Save the Sheriff (1381 plays)
Save the sheriff and collect loot in this fun platform game.
 Save the Sheriff (854 plays)
Collect treasure in this platform games
 Save the Sheriff (1143 plays)
Save the sheriff and collect loot in this fun platform game.
 Saving Kypck (1111 plays)
Save the Russian Marines from the sunken sub
 Saving Wade 3 (1107 plays)
'Guide P-Bot through Star Syndicate, the land of all evil an...
 Schnappi (877 plays)
Help schnappi the alligator get through many levels while ea...
 Scooby Doo: E3 (1015 plays)
Help Shaggy&Scooby escape from the Mayan temple!
 Scooby Doo: E3 (9085 plays)
Help Shaggy & Scooby escape from the Mayan temple!
 Sea Lab 2021 (889 plays)
Help Dr. Quinn swim through the dangerous sea bed and stop S...
 Sea Tobby (1353 plays)
Japanese RPG involving a swimming dog. Guide the dog around ...
 Sealab 2021: Time for T... (864 plays)
Play as Dr. Quinn while you explore the ocean depths.
 Second Line the Game (1300 plays)
Explore a house as a fly.
 Second Line the Game (981 plays)
Explore a house as a fly
 Security (935 plays)
Awesome online sneaking game. Try and sneak past the securit...
 SF vs. MK (975 plays)
An ultimate action fight sequence between Ken and Raiden. Gu...
 Shadow of the Warrior (3044 plays)
'Choose your class, shadow ninja, warrior, balanced and more...
 Shark Rampage (1212 plays)
Eat up everything that comes in site chomp on scuba divers a...
 Shaun Of The Dead (813 plays)
'This is a quality game where you have to throw your old rec...
 Sheep Are Safe (1033 plays)
Shoot those pesky wolves that try to eat your sheep and guar...
 Sheep Color Balls (968 plays)
Help Rambo the sheep protect his farm from the different col...
 Sheep Pool (1410 plays)
Use Frisbee dog to numbered sheep into the relevantly number...
 Sheep Racer (829 plays)
This is an awesome driving game where you have to drive the ...
 Shop Lifter (1196 plays)
Be a true shop lifter! Steal away stuff from the store witho...
 Shoplifter (1491 plays)
Dodge the cameras to successfully shoplift the store!
 Shore Acres (1035 plays)
Explore this strange neighbourhood look into the past and fo...
 Shore Acres 2 (2184 plays)
Walk about this odd looking island looking for weird occuran...
 Short Bus Rampage (914 plays)
Rampage with the bus - as the bus driver you decided to go r...
 Shotgun Defend The Flag (903 plays)
Defend your flag from the attacking stick men - shoot them d...
 Shotgun Orc (1189 plays)
'Go on an orc rampage blasting wizards, knights, and elves w...
 Show Time (1156 plays)
Find the missing tapes in time for the show.
 Silay - Malay Technique (1139 plays)
2-Player fighting game using the Malays Silay technique
 Six Feet Under (1258 plays)
'Help Alex, the hearse driver deliver the coffins to the cem...
 Sky Chopper (916 plays)
A great helecopter shooting game with awesome power-ups!
 Sky Diver (1096 plays)
Patch up your sky diving skills.
 Sky Glide (1565 plays)
'Take to the air with a glider, stay aloft to collect the st...
 Slacking (1190 plays)
'Eat, drink and avoid work at all costs.'

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