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 An Average Day at Schoo... (13910 plays)
'On your adventure through school, you must select the diffe...
 Angel Fighters (2619 plays)
'A tekken theme to this game, with some angel fighters!'
 Angel Fighters (1017 plays)
Play street fighter with sexy babe
 Angry Old Wizard (5435 plays)
Grab the pills before they fall to the floor.
 Animal Hunter (2130 plays)
'Walk through the forest with your bow and arrow shoot rabbi...
 Ankomako (7729 plays)
In this game you need to make sure Ankomako collects items a...
 Ant City (2614 plays)
Have fun but watch out for that lorry!
 Ant Ken-do (1699 plays)
'Knock you're opponent ant off the wire, try not to get hit'
 Antarctic Adventure (7198 plays)
The ice has seperated you from your friends. And now the kil...
 Anti Terrorism Departme... (7310 plays)
'Use fists, knife, machette, katana and guns to kill terrori...
 Anti Terrorism Dept. (3286 plays)
'Use fists, knife, machette, katana and guns to kill terrori...
 Anti Terrorist Departme... (1176 plays)
Fight terrorists In this unique side scrolling fighting game...
 Apple Hunt (2764 plays)
Bounce your way up the tree to collect apples for points.
 Apples (8699 plays)
Click the apples to discover who is behind them....This game...
 Appliances Run Amuck (1983 plays)
Jump around as a toaster avoiding things on the street.
 Apprentice DQ Demo (3916 plays)
'Succeed in running a Dairy Queen restaurant, keep the custo...
 Aqua Field (10819 plays)
Guide the tiny fishes and their mother to tasty worms avoidi...
 Aqua Field (1041 plays)
Guide the fish to their food and avoiding dangerous objects
 Aqua Massaqua (6161 plays)
'Row your way as fast as you can toward the checkpoints in A...
 AquaField (2020 plays)
Guide the mother fish and little fishes to the tasty worms. ...
 Aquarium Sprengischen (6735 plays)
Drop sticks of dynamite into an aquarium to try and blow up ...
 Arabian Knight (2478 plays)
Defeat the evil sultan.
 Archery (3068 plays)
Shoot the targets to score as many points as you can.
 Arm Wrestle My Ego (6540 plays)
Press spacebar as fast as possible to arm wrestle the guy.
 Arm Wrestle My Ego (1047 plays)
Play arm wrestling against a video-recorded opponent!
 Armadillo Knight (12404 plays)
'Help Galan, the Armadillo Knight to protect the people of h...
 Army Swat (1411 plays)
Shoot the terrorist as a SWAT member. Don??t kill any pedest...
 Arrogancy: Demo (2358 plays)
Travel this interesting land. Question people about recent e...
 Assault Part 1 (4149 plays)
Infiltrate the military base and shoot your way through enem...
 Assault Part 2 (2255 plays)
Second part of the assault move in and gather intelligence.
 Assault Part 4 (10849 plays)
Jump in the submarine and take off escape from enemy hands b...
 Assault Part 5 (9399 plays)
Turn on night vision battle against guards and choose your w...
 Attack Of The Fever Hea... (1466 plays)
Smash the fever heads with pipes or hit them with your cart ...
 Aventura Magica (5338 plays)
Help rescue Timmy's Fairy God Parents.
 Avoid It (16692 plays)
Maneuver your space fighter through the meteor shower and bl...
 Babycal Throw (1609 plays)
Gotta knock down people with soda cans.
 Baghdad Bowling (2008 plays)
'Use your bowling bombs to kill Saddam, UDay, and Qusay!'
 Balance Tobby (2038 plays)
How far you can carry Tobby while balancing him on a stick?
 Ball Trap (9404 plays)
Get all the red balls on the red side and all the blue balls...
 Ballistic Biscuit (1251 plays)
Ride in tube and avoid obstacles

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