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 Mood Match (1322 plays)
Match the faces together in the shortest amount of time.
 Mordor Mountain Madness (894 plays)
Avoid the rocks and duck under your cape for cover but bewar...
 Mosquito Blaster (1300 plays)
Shoot down those pesky bugs using the deadly poisonous spray...
 Multiplication Station (786 plays) is now purely educational! No
 Nighthawk I (1457 plays)
Fly your jet fighter destroy alien space ship shoot your gun...
 NS Lines (1512 plays)
'Create a horizontal, diagonal or vertical line of 5 similar...
 Nub (4023 plays)
Walk around the platforms and make it to the exit.
 O My Head (1210 plays)
You are a barber shave off the hair on four heads using your...
 Octopoids (1273 plays)
Move the octopus' across the area to safety.
 Oil Foil (1107 plays)
Drive around picking up oil cans but avoid colliding with th...
 Onsen (4355 plays)
The aim of this game is to guide the egg to the end of each ...
 Orbox (1248 plays)
'Guide your box to the exit by using the arrow keys to move,...
 Orbox (1263 plays)
Guide your box to the exit by using the arrow keys to move
 Ostrich Jump (1110 plays)
Help your ostrich jump over various sizes of cactus while it...
 Pacman 2005 (1077 plays)
'Classic pacman game with added background graphics, collect...
 Paint Activity (1333 plays)
'Pick a picture, and simpy colour it in! You can make it wil...
 Palantir (1171 plays)
Shoot the different colored balls match them up to remove th...
 Pang 2001 (814 plays)
Bubble Trouble type game run and shoot the bubble with your ...
 Pang 2004 (970 plays)
Classic 'Bubble Trouble' type game. Shoot down the bubbles w...
 Panic Puzzle (1006 plays)
Type in the letters and solve the puzzle before the letters ...
 Paradise Island (2630 plays)
'An extremely hard jigsaw sure to keep you occupied for 20 m...
 Paratrooper (992 plays)
Shoot down paratroopers and other soldiers in jets and helic...
 Park A Lot (1144 plays)
Park your car as quickly as possible in style
 Park A Lot (1111 plays)
Drive through the parking lot and park cars.
 Park a Lot 2 (1336 plays)
'Pick up people's cars. Get in, drive off, and park them in ...
 Parking Garage (1078 plays)
A fun little maze in which you have to get the car to the ga...
 Pearls Before Swine (796 plays)
Try not to get the last pearl in this strategy game against ...
 Peg Puzzle (1574 plays)
'Jump pegs over each other horizontally, vertically, and dia...
 Pendakar (1113 plays)
'Choose a guy or girl and run through the jungle, chop down ...
 Penga Pop (1093 plays)
'Blast through colorful"Ball Walls"to clear a path to a vari...
 Penguin Push (970 plays)
Move the blocks around into the proper spot.
 Penguin Push (7722 plays)
A sokoban clone using different graphical theme
 Penguin Push (939 plays)
Push all of the blocks into the marked areas without getting...
 Pentix (1968 plays)
Tetris blocks type game with bigger stranger pieces drop the...
 Perfect Match (970 plays)
Test your memory power in this matching game
 Perfect Match (1193 plays)
A good matching game. Can you find the pairs?
 Pest Attack (1209 plays)
Move around jump up on the tables and swat at those pesky ra...
 Pet Puzzle (828 plays)
4x4 Puzzle of Pet images
 Piggy (1083 plays)
Run around catching lunch boxes but don't drop them.
 Pikachu Balls (1358 plays)
'Yes, another Pikachu game. *sigh*. We love him really.'

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